Bill Mauchly

Amongst his many other brilliant designs for Ensoniq (such as designing the CPU for the DP4), senior designer Bill Mauchly worked on the PARIS mixer code, and created WAVEBOY plugins which were at one time being contemplated for conversion to PARIS EDS plugins (more information is being sought on this).

Information gleaned from the Internet:

Bill Mauchly originally was notable as the son of John W. Mauchly, of ENIAC fame (acknowledged as the first electronic computer; there is still some controversy in that regard: I say ‘close enough!’). Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert built ENIAC at the University of Pennsylvania in 1947, and most of this vacuum-tube monster is displayed at the Smithsonian Institution. However, in the 1980s Mauchly the younger worked as senior designer at Ensoniq Corporation in Malvern PA. Ensoniq is the company that developed the Mirage, the EPS and other digital keyboard products, many of which represented the first affordable versions of digital sampling technology available in the U.S. Everybody has used Ensoniq keyboards.

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...Originally, Fizmo was referred to as PHYS-MO. Bill Mauchly (Ensoniq Chief Scientist) and I were talking about developing a synthesizer around a chip called the OTTO-FX which combined the ASR-10 Synth Engine and Effects Engine on one piece of silicon. This chip never shipped in a commercial MI (Musical Instrument) product. What eventually evolved was a product based upon Transwaves, which I felt were the most compelling new sound synthesis technology that Ensoniq had in hand. Things really started to happen after Waveboy (aka the aforementioned Bill Mauchly) and (aka me) independently released two transwave products for the ASR-10...

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