Error Code -43/ffffffd5

Note the second post: sometimes this is card failure, but sometimes it's merely dirty or worn contacts on a card.

One story:

Everything was fine when I turned
the system on this morning. I walk into the control room to find the computer
locked up. reboot and start Paris and I get - "error in initialization;
Paris Engine. Error code -43/ffffffd5". Does anyone know what that means?


I'm going off of memory here, but I believe that meant a dead EDS card. I
remember Error Code 43 (3) times and all (3) times were dead EDS cards (bad


Another take:

Q: hi all,

It's been a while since I posted here...I've only sporadically used my PARIS
rig in the past couple years (1 card/MEC/24-8 in/out on a dedicated MAC G4
Quicksilver). Never had problems before, but today PARIS won't boot up.
I get a 'Error initializing PARIS Engine Error code -43/ffffffd5
Tried replacing config file, reinstalled PARIS on another drive, cleaned
things up, etc all with the same problem. Help!

A: Is this the one when your Interfaces are not plgged in or MEC turned off?

Q: the power is on and i also checked all cables. i tried it w/ the MEC off as
a test and the same thing came up - i'm going to open the box and reseat
the card, to see if that does anything... I reseated the 1000 card in the PCI slot and now i'm getting a similar 'Engine
Failure' message but with different error code numbers - alternating between
2/2 and 7/7...turning off the MEC brings up the same message.

A: Is the daughterboard in the MEC? Is there anything in there that could come

A: another thing to try: My original paris card developed a case of worn contacts, and got a similar
(though I can't say if it was exactly the same) message. I resilvered the worn contacts with a silver contact pen from Radio Shack
and it has worked fine ever since.

A: first try a simple pencil eraser to clean up the contacts.

Q: thanks - i'll try the silvering thing on the 1000 card.

Q: i hit the contacts w/ a D5 pen and let is sit for a week whilst i was travelling.
upon return and reboot, i'm in business. Thanks!

Contact Cleaning And Repair

The edge connectors of aging EDS cards can become dirty or oxidized. Gentle cleanup with a regular or typewriter eraser can help a balky card be recognized.

In more extreme cases where the contacts are worn or damaged, they can be touched up with a conductive pen. Conductive pens are inexpensive and can be purchased locally at electronic parts suppliers or ordered online from suppliers such as Digi-Key.

Information on re-plating edge contacts, a much more ambitious and involved fix for the electronically skilled, can be found here.

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